Tetris turns 35

by: Rob -
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Tetris, it's the greatest puzzle game of all time. While that certainly is my opinion, the numbers back it up. The second most copies sold in video game history, over 170 million copies purchased or downloaded and counting, across just about every conceivable platform, and still pushing out top rated iterations of itself. Tetris Effect is a masterpiece, pushing the game into VR and earning every bit of the 9 we gave it in the review. Tetris 99 positions itself right on the tip of the spear of modern gaming bring a Battle Royale style mode to the classic gameplay. Yesterday we wished it a happy 35th birthday, and it's still going strong. 

Take a look at the history of the game in this post from last year and find a version on some system you own to pay tribute to the king.

Happy birthday Tetris.