CD Projekt RED merchandise store open for business, shipping to the EU

by: Rob -
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Normally I wouldn't care that much about a developer opening up a merch storefront, but when that dev was the one who brought to life that fantastic work The Witcher 3, then yeah, I'll spare some time to type up a post about it. CD Projekt RED has flung wide the digital doors and is ready to do business. Buuuut... it's only shipping to the EU at the moment. So while you can peruse the wares and salivate over the Geralt Ronin figure (video below), Gwent troll plushie, or Cyberpunk 2077 t-shirt, you can't really get it shipped to US or Canada addresses right now. They say that will be coming soon so, fingers crossed.

Check out the CD Projekt RED storefront here:

Or take a gander at the first commercial promoting the store or just enjoy the detail of the Ronin figure embedded.