Funcom releases sixth DLC for Conan Exiles, paying tribute to Schwarzenegger’s films

by: Carter -
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This past week, Funcom released The Riddle of Steel - the sixth DLC for Conan Exiles.  The new release coincides with Conan Exiles's one-year anniversary and pays homage to the Conan films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Riddle of Steel is a free update, inclusive of unique statues of Schwarzenegger, other gear in his character's honor, two new dungeons, new NPCs, and other gameplay upgrades.  

Through the end of today (5/12/19), Funcom is also celebrating with a Steam Free Weekend - so check it out while you still can.

Per Funcom's press release, the following list overviews the DLC's tributes to the cult-classic Conan films: 

  • 18 Statues and figurines of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan.
  • 5 iconic helmets from the movie, of characters such as Thulsa Doom and Rexor.
  • 5 unique placeables from the movie, such as King Conan’s Lion Throne.
  • 6 statues and figurines of Valeria from the movie Conan the Barbarian.
  • 6 statues and figurines of Subotai the Hyrkanian archer.
  • 3 decorative warpaints from the movie. 

 The following list details the DLC's other updates:

  • New dungeon: The Sunken City. 
  • New dungeon: Sepermeru Silver Mine. 
  • New feat: Witch Doctor, allowing you to summon undeads. 
  • Total revamp of several locations, with new enemies and additional bosses. 
  • New items, both lootable and craftable. 
  • Tons of UI fixes and balance passes.