Devil May Cry heading to Nintendo Switch this summer

by: Kinsey -
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Could this be the open door that Dante needs to slide into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Could it be part of a bundle, or a standalone title to avoid the, uh, interesting game that was Devil May Cry 2? We don't know; all we know is from this tweet, which very clearly states that the original Devil May Cry is bound for the Nintendo Switch sometime this summer. 

It's not news that fans have been asking for Dante to appear in Ultimate for a while. However, it didn't make sense at the time; Devil May Cry was not on any Nintendo platform, and Hideaki Itsuno indicated that an appearance on a Nintendo platform would be a necessary prerequisite for an appearance in Ultimate. But now that Devil May Cry is headed to Switch, it seems as if a door has opened. 

We're speaking purely in hypotheticals, of course. We know very little about what's in store for Dante, and nothing at all about when exactly the game will release. At the very least, we know that we get to hearken back to the original sometime this summer—this time, with Joy-Cons.