Valve's Index pricing unveiled -Update with first impressions from UploadVR

by: John -
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Tomorrow's a big day for us VR gamers as Valve will finally talk in detail about the Index. Today though, Valve finally release the pricing and it's not too bad.

You have a lot of choices if you currently own a Vive as the headset will work with the first generation Lighthouses. If you want to do that, you can grab just the HMD for $499. Want the Knuckles controllers with it? That's a $749 bundle. Want it all with the new lighthouses? $999 will be your price.

The controllers are also sold separately for $279 for the pair. Lighthouses will be $149, which is the same price as the HTC ones.

All ships by July 1st (from their press release), and pre-order starts tomorrow. I'm deciding between getting an entire new set or just the HMD and controllers.

When I first bought the Vive, it was around $799, but that came with everything. We're talking a $200 premium over that if you are going in without any older equipment. What I found interesting was that it's $300 less than a Vive Pro HMD only option if you pick up just the Index HMD. The entire Index kit is only $100 less than the Vive Pro kit, but the Knuckles controllers are so much more advanced than the Vive wands.

I'm really excited to learn the details of the HMD and how it's a jump from the Vive I have now. I've really enjoyed my Vive and I have high hopes for what Valve's going to bring to the table. I'll have my credit card ready for tomorrow!

-Update- UploadVR has first impressions of the Index up.