Redout finally arrives on Switch on May 14th

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It's been a long road--pun not intended--for Redout's Switch version. Originally launching on Steam in 2016, the futuristic racing game made it to PS4 and Xbox One a year later but the Switch version hit multiple delays. Developer 34BigThings hopes to make the wait worth it for Switch fans, as they are launching Redout: Lightspeed Edition on Nintendo's platform on May 14th. This definitive port will bundle in all six of the game's DLC packs, for a budget price of $39.99 on the Switch eShop. This adds up to 60 unique tracks, 28 fully customizable vehicles and 200 total events to test your reflexes in. All in all I'd say this is a pretty good deal.

Outside of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Switch hasn't seen a ton of racing games, other than the fantastic launch title Fast RMX from developer Shin'en. As far as I'm concerned Fast RMX is the high water mark to beat--it packs a ton of content and stunning visuals into one budget-priced package--but Redout might have it topped with sheer quantity of content alone. I guess we'll see how Redout: Lightspeed Edition stacks up against the competition when it arrives at long last next month.


Freakishly Fast Zero-Gravity Racing Game Nears the Finish Line on Switch

SANTA ANA, California, April 29, 2019—Nicalis, Inc. today announced that Redout, a high-velocity futuristic racing game, will release digitally on Nintendo Switch™ on May 14, 2019. Redout for Nintendo Switch will release as the "Lightspeed Edition" including all extra gameplay-related downloadable content as a free bonus (a $40 value).

Redout is set in the year 2560, after the construction of elaborate magnetic race tracks has transformed the barren wasteland of Earth into the epicenter of the galaxy’s most popular sport. Competitors can steer, drift and pitch 28 different customizable vehicles as each successfully-maneuvered turn, slope and twist applies a unique force that can be channeled into even greater forward velocity.

With 11 event types and over 200 different total events, Redout’s single-player Career Mode gives racers the opportunity to gain experience, level up and upgrade their vehicles with power-ups like additional turbo, self-repair drones, advanced grip systems and more. A variety of multiplayer race modes lets up to six players compete for online supremacy as the fastest times and top players are recorded on the global leaderboards.

All of the high-speed action in Redout is accentuated with flying sparks, electrical arcs and blazing exhaust, providing players with high levels of sensory-overloaded racing intensity. The highly optimized environments offer 60 evocative courses set in 12 futuristic locations, which include breezy coastlines, eerie frozen landscapes, vast desert plains and more.

Developed by 34BigThings, Redout is rated “E for Everyone” by the ESRB and will be available as a digital download for Nintendo Switch on May 14 for $39.99 MSRP.

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