Doraemon enters the world of Story of Seasons

by: Sean Colleli -
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The goofy robotic cat Doraemon is one of the most enduring manga icons--going all the way back to 1969. Strangely enough, he's also headlining the latest entry in a farming sim. Doraemon Story of Seasons takes the characters and themes of the long-running manga/anime and infuses them into Bandai Namco's farming and relationship adventure. What's odd is that this all takes placed in the original Story of Seasons town.

I'm a bit ashamed to say that I've never gotten into Doraemon, but I did play the first Story of Seasons game way back in 2015. I thought it was a natural evolution of the Harvest Moon formula, and a clever workaround for the rights issues surrounding that IP. It's frankly a little odd to see Doraemon show up in the same setting, but I've seen crossovers that clashed much harder. Doraemon Story of Seasons arrives on Nintendo Switch and Steam this fall.



Santa Clara, CA., (April 23, 2019) - Leading developer and publisher of anime video games, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today announced DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS for the Nintendo Switch™ and PCs via STEAM®. The game is scheduled for release in the Americas in fall 2019.


The popular anime character - Doraemon - makes his way into the hugely popular Story of Seasons series in a brand new farming adventure. Players will be able to enjoy traditional Story of Seasons activities like growing crops, cultivating their farm, exploring, bug hunting, and much more.


Noby and other familiar faces from the Doraemon franchise will take part in a heart-warming journey across the title’s original local town. Players will develop the town along with their own farm while interacting and forming bonds with other townspeople. Doraemon’s secret gadgets will also be featured throughout DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS.


The game is the result of the joint efforts of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., Marvelous (Production) and Brownies (Development).


DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS will be available in fall 2019 for the Nintendo Switch and PCs via STEAM. For more information about DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS or other titles from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., please visit:, or follow us on Facebook at, or join the conversation on Twitter at