It's not a trap! Star Wars Pinball coming to Nintendo Switch

by: Carter -
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You're not too far, far away from being able to play Star Wars Pinball on Nintendo Switch.  This Zen Studios creation will be the first Star Wars game released on the Switch.

Star Wars Pinball boasts 19 galactic-themed pinball tables - each formatted and set across the episodes, including the trilogies, Rogue One, Solo, and the animated series.

The game will feature new game modes to keep your bumpers bumpin', such as the Galactic Struggle, a career mode, and a training ground to get your feet wet (dubbed "Force Training").

And of course, you must choose between the Light Side and the Dark Side.

The Galactic Struggle is a community-based game mode, allowing players to contribute points to the side of their choosing.  The career mode was designed to be on the go, as it's full of short, objective-based challenges.

Zen Studios also augmented gameplay by giving players the ability to rotate between horizontal and vertical screen orientations (with vertical giving you that traditional pinball feel).

Star Wars Pinball will be available September 13, 2019, on the Switch via the eShop or hardcopy. 

May the force be with you.