The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be out May 7th for $250

by: John -
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The leaks have been ongoing for the past few weeks, but today Microsoft made it official. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a diskless Xbox One S that will rely on the Xbox Store for all your gaming needs.

Physically, it looks pretty close to the Xbox One S minus a slot for the Blu-Ray drive. There will be a 1TB hard drive to hold your games and three games will come pre-installed: Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3.

I'm all for an all digital console and I know a few of my friends who just don't are for physical media. But, you would think the cost of the All-Digital Edition would be less expensive, but it's in line with a regular Xbox One S. So why currently would you purchase this over a 1TB regular Xbox One S for the same or sometimes even less?

Reaction to the pricing is what you would expect as people think this shouldn't cost as much as a regular Xbox One S. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft drops the price on this one rather quickly though.

If you're itching to get one, May 7th will be the date so not too far away. With rumors of Microsoft detailing the next Xbox at E3, the All-Digital Edition has few weeks to shine before then.