It's happening! Valve is going to show off their VR headset

by: John -
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About four months ago, there was leak that hinted at Valve Software producing their own VR headset. It looked pretty damn interesting with cameras on the front. In fact, I've been holding off buying a new VR headset in hopes that Valve would come out with one.

Well, it looks like it's true. A page on Steam has teased a reveal in May and it'll be called the Index. You can see in the teaser image the two front cameras that were in the leak and underneath it looks like there's a slide for the IPD adjustment.

Here's hoping the Knuckles controller comes with this. Yes, I'm beyond excited. I have a lot of faith in what they have to offer because they did help bring out what I consider the best first generation headset in the Vive in conjunction with HTC.

So, we have a month and change to wait, but I'm so ready to upgrade my Vive and the Index could be the one that takes my money.