DayZ is finally available for Xbox One

by: Carter -
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Earlier in March, Bohemia Interactive announced on Inside Xbox that DayZ would finally be available on Xbox One, bringing joy to any Xbox-gamer who loves a good zombie-apocalypse survival game.  Alongside the announcement, the team premiered an enticing trailer that illustrated an enhanced story mode.

On Wednesday, DayZ officially launched on the Xbox One platform. So it’s time to put your survival skills to the test.

Originating as an Arma 2 mod, DayZ has successfully spun-off and created a sizable community of supporters.  The online survival sandbox allows players to write their own stories while interacting with up to 59 other friends...or foes.  Each decision you make is critical.  Maybe even fatal.  Oh, and don’t forget DayZ features the permadeath gameplay mechanic – if you die, you lose all of your hard-earned progress.

Every day is a new story.  What will today’s be?