All the Conan! Conan Unconquered brining the barbarian to the RTS genre

by: Rob -
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Hot on the heels of Conan Exiles being a PS Plus free game for April, we've got more Conan news to talk about. Although they go out of their way in the development video below to talk about how Conan Unconquered is a different type of RTS game, a survival RTS, Conan Unconquered is still an RTS game. It is wave based, resource allocation, RTS base defense style strategy with hero units, but the first strategy game to take on the Conan license. 

Conan Unconquered releases May 30th with both a Standard Edition for $30 and a Deluxe Edition for $40. Standard gets you the game, Deluxe gets you the game and:

  • Exclusive DLC: Kalanthes, a spell-casting hero unit
  • Exclusive DLC: King Conan hero unit
  • Game Soundtrack
  • Original Conan Unconquered eBook

Conan Unconquered is available for pre-order via Steam.