92 million reasons why Apex Legends had a successful first month

by: Carter -
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Apex Legends tiptoed into the gaming world in February but promptly laid the hammer upon arrival.  Amidst the battle royale fervor that has been consuming the gaming industry, Respawn Entertainment implemented a daring market-entry strategy by announcing the game a mere 15-minutes before it went live.

In addition to the quiet launch, there are rumors that Electronic Arts (parent of Respawn) paid well-known gaming influencer, Tyler Blevins ("Ninja"), approximately $1 million to promote the game.  

But, I'd say it worked.

According to SuperData - a Nielson Company, "Apex Legends generated an estimated $92 million [in revenue] from in-game spending across all platforms."  This estimate indicates that Apex Legends has made history with the most successful initial month for free-to-play games.

That's a pretty penny.

In the month of February, Apex was the fifth highest grossing game on consoles and sixth highest on PC.