Hello all!

We are excited to announce that we will begin the process of transferring the Frontier forums over to their new format from Monday 25th March, 2019! This update will combine all the Frontier games together, help streamline the forums to make them easier to navigate, and features a new design and functionality! The Frontier forums are a treasure trove of information, discussion, and creativity which means there's quite a lot of stuff to transfer across to the new system. This means we're looking at a period of forum downtime whilst we get everything sorted.

The forums will go offline on Monday 25 March and we anticipate around 3 days of downtime, though this may be subject to change.

In order to reduce the transfer times we will be removing areas of the forum that have low activity or would no longer be necessary on the new site. The following forums will be removed and all content deleted.

Removed Forums

Elite Dangerous

  • Dangerous Groups - FAQs
  • Community Goal Submissions
  • Factions (All)
  • Community Drabbles
  • Xbox One Off Topic
  • PlayStation 4 Off Topic
  • Bug Reporting (All - New Bug Reports) - Becoming read only.
  • Elite Support
  • International Discussion (Main discussion forum)
  • Private Forums: Group Leaders, Video makers, Private writers, Galactic Academy and 3rd party devs

Jurassic World Evolution

  • InGen Database
  • New Visitor Welcome Center
  • Bug Reporting
  • Tech Support

Planet Coaster

  • Coaster Head Club
  • Tech Support
  • Bug Reports
  • Toolkit Requests
  • Events and Competitions
  • Triggered Events
  • Placeholder Scenery
  • Other Creations
  • Community Creations General
  • Community Exposition
  • Introductions

The following forums will be merged into new forum areas, so the content will remain but they will now be found elsewhere. Our new forums feature prefixes that will allow you to find the content you are after more easily in busier areas.

Merged Forums

Elite Dangerous

  • All news sections will be merged into one 'News & Bulletins' forum
  • Newcomers and Introductions forum will now be part of 'Newcomer questions, Guides and Tutorials'
  • 'Engineers' Merged with 'Ships'
  • 'Ship Builds & loadouts' merged with 'Ships'
  • Modes merged with Playstyles
  • PvP merged with Playstyles
  • Powerplay merged with Playstyles
  • CQC merged with playstyles
  • Horizons merged with Dangerous Discussion
  • Community Events & Creations merged with events
  • Xbox One Dangerous Groups merged with global Dangerous Group area
  • Playstation 4 Dangerous Groups merged with global Dangerous Group area
  • All Player Tools and API forums to be merged into one forum
  • All International discussion forums to be merged into new International Discussion area of the forum

Jurassic World Evolution

  • The Bunker will be merged into the global Off Topic forum

Planet Coaster

  • 'International Discussions' merged with global International section
  • 'Work in progress items' merged into new 'Your Creations' forum
  • 'Completed items' merged into new 'Your Creations' forum
  • 'Coasters', 'Flat rides' and 'track rides' now merged into new 'Rides' forum with prefixes used to identify specific ride types
  • 'Parks and Saved games' and 'Scenarios' now merged into new 'Parks and Scenarios' forum
  • 'Off Topic Discussions' and 'Real world parks and rides' merged to global off topic area.

Frontier Forums

  • All forums for past Frontier games will now be merged into one forum with prefixes.
  • All Off Topic forums will be merged into global off topic section

Along with our new forums we are also excited to soon launch our brand new Bug Reporting site. This new system will make it easier for you to submit and track your bug reports and help let our QA team know which bugs are most important to you. This system will be up and running soon but in the meantime we will be keeping temporary bug reporting forums to help you submit any issues you experience. Our support website is also available for any urgent issues you may have during this time.

We can't wait to show you the new forums. Once the forums are back online you should be able to login with your regular details and pick up where you left off. As always we will welcome any feedback you might have on the new site once it's live.

We'll see you on the other side!