Satisfactory leaves closed beta, rides conveyor belt into early access

by: Randy -
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I'll give 'em this: The folks at Coffee Stain sure know how to put together a rad trailer. Satisfactory launched today in the Epic Store and this trailer features a lot of conveyor belts, a lot of Fortnite-fast factory building, and a lot of "Genesis" by Justice in the trailer's soundtrack.

The game itself isn't necessarily this intense. I mean, for me, logistics and manufacturing can get pretty intense, but Satisfactory isn't meant to be Apex Legends: Factorio Edition or anything crazy. It'll wake you up if some of the wildlife comes after you and you're only armed with a taser, though.

Here you see yourself seated in a landing pod, burning up on reentry into the atmosphere. There's some high-production No Man's Sky landscaping going on. Some sufficiently alien critters flying and foraging around. And miles and miles of conveyor belts. Enough to make your local grocery store cashier jealous, anyway. You're making and moving spools and sprockets and rods and barrels and all manner of paraphernalia from one end of the place to the other. To what end? To move more paraphernalia, I suppose. And doing it in a cheeky enough manner to remind you that these were the folks that made Goat Simulator. I didn't see any goats, though. 

If those things excite you—you already know who you are—then $29.95 in the Epic Store gets you into early access.