Deck of Ashes to hit Steam Early Access next month

by: Rob -
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I've been searching for a card game on my iPad for years now, ever since Hearthstone just got too toxic for my tastes and I deleted the app. I had high hopes for Gwent, loved playing it in The Witcher and enjoyed the standalone on PC, but have long given up hope it will ever cross over to mobile/tablets. So my interest gets piqued every time I see a new card game come across the news feed. This time up, we've got Deck of Ashes. While this won't be that mobile card game I still dream of (it's not mobile and technically not a card game, calling itself a deck-building RPG), it will be available to check out in April when it enters into Early Access on Steam. The game's key features include:

  • Crafting and building powerful decks
  • A lovely hand-drawn game world
  • Unique biomes, each encompassing different monster types 
  • Procedurally generated realms for a unique experience with each and every game
  • Permadeath - "without the use of dark magic, once you die, you’re gone for good"

Deck of Ashes goes into Early Access on April 11th. More info can be found on Steam, or at the official site.