Black Ops 4 Pass Free Multiplayer Maps Weekend Starts Today

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Activision is running another free weekend for Black Ops 4 starting today and running through Monday at 1pm EST.  If you own the game, you can download any of the maps available in the Pass to play for free.  In addition, all players will receive 2XP (Multiplayer and Zombies), Double Merits and Double Tiers across all platforms during the event.
If you check after the jump, there is some new info on the Spring Update along with updates on Blackout, Zombies and multiplayer.

Black Ops Pass Multiplayer Maps Free Access* Weekend

Running from now until 10AM PST on Monday March 18, all of the Multiplayer maps currently included in the Black Ops Pass are now available to download and play for all Black Ops 4 owners. This allows you to play competitively across new locations: Madagascar, Elevation, Casino, and Lockup, but only for a limited time!

Players can also receive 2XP (in Multiplayer and Zombies), Double Merits, and Double Tiers during the free maps weekend too (on all platforms).


The Spring Update is Also Here, with Shamrock & Awe Still Going Strong!

Available since March 12 for PlayStation®4 (with other platforms to follow), Treyarch has launched a major update for all major facets of Black Ops 4. As well as the limited-time content from the Shamrock & Awe event, there are other changes to the landscape and game modes. Highlights include:

Blackout Updates

Spring is in the air, and with it comes a burst of bright, blooming color across the landscape of the Blackout map. The grass is green (and dynamic!), and the time of day has shifted to early morning. There are other, more subtle changes to regional areas and some of the vehicles from Hot Pursuit (the Muscle Car and SUV) are now available, minus their special intel-gathering abilities of course.

Blackout also has a scattering of new and infamous weapons to find too: the Switchblade X9, Rampage, and Kap 45 weapons are all available in stashes! In addition, Firebreak’s Purifier is setting the world ablaze, and there are Operator Weapons (variants with Operator Mods attached, enhancing the capabilities of the base weapon).

For those craving our most immersive and tactical Blackout experience yet, try your hand at Hardcore mode. This is Blackout with no heads up display (including crosshairs!), armor, vehicles, and only limited healing supplies. You’ll have to rely on multiple Blackout strategies to survive!

Zombies and Multiplayer Updates

Zombies fans can quell the undead with a new Blood of the Dead Gauntlet! Enter “Hellcatraz” and attempt objectives such as “Keep it Hot: Travel through a Hell Hole every minute”, as well as “WTF: Controls are reversed, so left is right.” Stay in the game by completing one challenge per round, and collect special rewards at rounds 10, 20, and (if you make it that far) 30!

Multiplayer features a new mode called Stockpile (currently available in regular and its St. Patrick’s variants, the latter of which is accessible throughout the Shamrock & Awe event). Players of Fracture from Call of Duty®: Black Ops III will feel right at home collecting dog tags dropped by enemies. Bank the tags by dropping them at a specific deposit site on the map. You can hold multiple dog tags at once, but can have all of them taken if you’re slain by the enemy team. Grab friendly tags to deny the enemy the satisfaction of their kill, and watch the map as the deposit sites rotate, leading to mayhem!

Finally, there’s a storm a-brewing over on Contraband Hurricane; now available on all platforms. This is a brand-new version of the tropical map with pelting rain, howling wind, lightning flashes and other environmental effects.

Ready yourself for a weekend of Black Ops 4: We’ll see you online.

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