Anarchy Online celebrates 18 years with new 2019 server

by: Travis -
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Funcom has announced the first ever sci-fi MMPORG Anarchy Online has received a brand new 2019 server called Rubi-Ka, which celebrates the game being around 18 years. The Rubi-Ka 2019 server invites players to relive the game back from level one and experience the nostalgia all over again.

Producer Joshua Mills described the new server, "With the launch of the new server, we wanted to give players our unique take on a progression server. I invite everyone to step into the familiar and surprising Rubi-Ka 2019. As we continue through the year of Anarchy Online's 18th anniversary, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to play in a way that brings together the old and the new, with a few twists mixed in. Thank you to everyone who has made these years possible and I hope you will join us on this brave new journey to Rubi-Ka!"

Find out more details about the 2019 server on the game's official blogAnarchy Online is available to play free on PC now.

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