Microsoft could be gearing to release a discless Xbox One S

by: John -
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I know a lot of folks who want to go all digital for their console and Microsoft might just be giving it to them. Windows Central is reporting that Microsoft is going to launch an Xbox One S minus a Blu-ray drive. Their sources claim it will be named the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which the first thing that popped into a few of the staff's minds was shortening it to the Xbox One SAD Edition.

Codenamed Maverick, rumors are it'll be up for pre-order in Mid-April of 2019 with a release of May 2019. Thoughts are Microsoft could knock $100 off if they omit the Blu-ray drive.

Some say this is the future where all content is going to move towards a digital format and it looks like Microsoft is going to be the first to take that plunge. (No Ouya, you don't count.)

We have another month or so to see if these rumors pan out, but if it does, are you going to pick up an Xbox One sans disc player?

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