Little friends: Dogs and Cats is getting an American Switch release

by: Sean Colleli -
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The Nintendo Switch is nearly two years old, and yet there are conspicuous holes in its first party library. One of the most notable is Nintendogs, the puppy-raising sim that made the Nintendo DS print money, and the sequel, Nintendogs + Cats, which was an early saving grace in the 3DS's rough launch. Indie Studio Sold Out Games rectified this sad lack of Switch-bound puppies last year with Little friends: Dogs and Cats, but the game was exclusive to Japan.

Not anymore! Nintendolife is reporting that Little friends: Dogs and Cats is making its way to America and Europe sometime this spring. Naturally this game lets you care for puppies and kitties, which includes feeding, petting, bathing and walking them, and of course dressing them up in adorable outfits that the cats in particular are sure to love. Little Friends also includes some of the  secondary features that people enjoyed in Nintendogs, such as the disk-toss competitions. I'm just happy that the Switch's multi-touch display lets you smush your adorable puppy's face with both hands.

I'm glad that indie studios are filling the gaps that Nintendo has apparently forgotten about. When Switch launched, Shin'en Multimedia's Fast RMX was basically them saying "we're making F-Zero because Nintendo won't." Little friends: Dogs and Cats is more like "there are no puppies here Nintendo, what gives?" Now, can an enterprising indie developer make a thinly-veiled Elite Beat Agents tribute? I need my "rhythm-based pop-song puzzler with Blues Brothers cheerleaders" fix, like yesterday.

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