Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield coming late this year...to the Switch?

by: Russell -
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For the past twenty-one years (twenty-three in Japan) the Pokemon franchise has taken the world by storm with seven generations of Pokemon across multiple platforms and genres. However, the core games have only seen releases on handheld systems, from the original Game Boy up to the 3DS. Not counting Pokemon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu, a core game in the series has yet to hit a console...until now.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield for the Nintendo Switch. Coming late 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield will be a return to the core gameplay mechanics seen in the previous generations (as opposed to the Let's Go games). The new trailer shows off the Galar region and the visuals look nice (though this  isn't actual gameplay footage...it still looks nice) and we get introduced to our three starters: Grookey (grass), Scorbunny (fire), and Sobble (water). I kind of like their designs. They may look simple, but they're your starters so that's kind of the point. Plus is it just me or does Scorbunny kind of look like a fire-type Oshawatt?

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