GN Unplugged: Shards of Infinity - Relics of the Future

by: Russell -
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It's been a while since I've done a GN Unplugged video and this is actually the first of two I'll be doing in a short period of time. This time around I was sent the first expansion for the Shards of Infinity deck building game, called Relics of the Future, by Ultra Pro and Stone Blade Entertainment to check out. This is not a full set and requires the base game to play (a link to my video on the original game is in the video description over on YouTube). That being said, for a first expansion it looks pretty good as it comes with twenty-four new center row deck cards, the eight titular relics (two for each character, meaning character selection is now important [it wasn't in the base game]), and rules for how to play with three players, teams of two, or even a single player by themselves.

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