Go grab a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti now

by: John -
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Today, NVIDIA announced the availability of the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti for those who want a mid-high type card but don't want any of the ray tracing or DLSS capabilities.

The card 1536 CUDA cores and features 6GB of DDR6 memory. As you can probably guess from the GTX naming convention, it's got no RT or Tensor cores, but it is built on the Turing architecture. NVIDIA is saying it's 1.5X faster than the GTX 1060 and with the removal of said cores, they can offer the card at a MSRP of $279.99.

I am a little confused as to why they named it the GTX 1660 Ti but, hey NVIDIA has their reasons. Rumors abound a 1650 variant will be launching later, so NVIDIA's going with the 1600 number line going forward. 

There won't be a founder's card so all the cards will be from different vendors and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can see from the pics below a nice variety of sizes and designs. Prices also range from the MSRP up to around $330 depending on the design and features. 

So, for gamers who want a new card without the RTX features, here you go. There should be plenty of reviews with benchmarks right now to let you know if the card is worth the price.


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