Julia Chang and Negan arrive in Tekken 7 next week

by: Nathan -
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The final two characters of the Season Two pass for Tekken 7 are Julia Chang and Negan from The Walking Dead and they will be released next week on Thursday February 28th. 

Julia Chang returns with what seems to be like her third alter ego. She was Julia Chang, a proud Native American girl. Then she was JayCee the Luchadore and now shes back to Julia Chang, but now it seems like she's taken up a side job as a Twitch Streamer. 

Negan of course comes from the AMC show The Walking Dead, complete with his signature barbed wire baseball bat Lucille. 

Julia Chang will retail for $4.99 and Negan will retail for $7.99. Of course since Negan is a licensed character, it makes sense that he costs a bit more. Of course they are also available for free to anyone who owns the Tekken 7 Season Pass. 

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