Ubisoft reveals post-launch plans for Trials Rising in new video

by: Nicholas -
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Trials Rising, the latest in the sidescrolling motorbike series, is coming out February 26th. But as Mikko Lindholm, producer of the game, says: "That is just the beginning".

Starting with expansion packs "Sixty Six" and "Crash and Sunburn", the game's first year will see a rollout of content including "new tracks, contracts, and customization items". Mikko emphasizes that players can own both of these packs through the game's expansion pass, which will also contain some cosmetic items. 

Multiplayer is broken into seasons, and will have additional items and tracks. Players are ranked in the ascending order of: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Legendary.

Players will also have access to the Track Editor, which Mikko says is the same tool that the devs used to make their own original versions. 

Oh, and there are stickers that you can put on your rider and bike. Watch the video below.