Lovecraft's Untold Stories out on Steam now, GOG release coming soon

by: Sean Colleli -
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Russian indie developer Blini Games has released version 1.0 of their horror roguelite Lovecraft's Untold Stories. The game lets you take control of 5 different characters, and explore a variety of health and sanity-testing dungeons. If you can keep your fragile mind and body together long enough to study the Great Old Ones and defeat their cultist minions, you might stand a chance of defeating Dagon or even Cthulhu...but then again, "that is not dead which can eternal lie."

Lovecraft's Untold Stories is out of early access on Steam and you can pick it up there for $14.99. Unfortunately the GOG release is still technically in development; Blini Games is a pretty small team, and it will take them a little longer to get the final version ready for the GOG platform. You can read their official explanation on the GOG forums over here.

I bought the game on GOG a couple weeks back and I've been really enjoying it. It's tense, it's challenging without being unfair, and Blini Games clearly know their Lovecraft well.


Lovecraft's Untold Stories releases on January 31st. What will you do to foil the plans of the Great Old Ones?

Welcome, investigators. Dire news -- the time has come. There is no mistaking the signs. Tomorrow, Great Cthulhu shall awake and emerge from his watery tomb in R'lyeh. With him, the Great Old Ones shall rise, and they shall reign over the world, for humanity's despair. That is... unless you do something, unless you find a way to thwart their plans. Lovecraft's Untold Stories will be launched tomorrow for €14.99 / $14.99 / £ 11.39 in English, Russian, and Spanish; other languages will be added in the near future. Besides, the Chinese version published by Surefire Games can be found here.

LLC Blini Games is disturbed to announce that after a successful period of 6 months in Early Access, Lovecraft's Untold Stories is now complete and ready for its full release. Follow the path of five different characters (the Detective, the Professor, the Ghoul, the Thief, and the Witch) in their adventures against the Great Old Ones, their minions, and their worshippers. Explore their different storylines inspired by Lovecraft's stories that cross randomly generated levels such as the hospital, the jungle or the port city, and look for the clues you need to face terrible foes like Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, and Great Cthulhu.



Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action roguelite with RPG elements. You explore randomly generated levels based in H.P. Lovecraft stories, fighting cultists and all kinds of monsters from the Mythos, improving your weapons and gear, solving puzzles and challenges, and looking for clues and knowledge to defeat the Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods.


  • Fight hundreds of different monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos in this intense action roguelite
  • Explore Lovecraft’s stories: every character has a storyline that crosses randomly generated levels set in different locations from Lovecraft’s stories, such as the hospital, the jungle, or the port city just to name a few
  • Face the Great Old Ones: Great Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, and Azathoth await you in special levels
  • Investigate thoroughly: explore every corner to find secret levels and knowledge about the Great Old Ones
  • Learn about the Mythos to fight them: to have a chance at fighting the Great Old Ones you need to acquire knowledge about them, or their mere presence will drive you insane
  • Madness awaits: in the course of your adventures you will have to make some decisions, and taking the wrong ones will shake your sanity. If it gets too low, you will start losing your mind – and if you go mad you will take your own life to escape the horror
  • Pick your hero: Choose between 5 different characters, detective, the thief, the professor, the witch, and the ghoul
  • Different playstyles: every investigator has a different combat style and skills, but levels also vary depending on who you’re playing them with – so the gameplay experience is totally different
  • Collect and improve weapons, items, and artifacts. Each character has a set of weapons and items, and there are hundreds of other items you can find and use!
  • Look for clues and special items to unlock secrets and new stories