Couch ninjas have a new standard by which to test their mettle

by: Rob -
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American Ninja Warrior is a pretty cool show. From the press release it "has inspired athletes and contestants of all ages," but darn it if those challenges don't look, well, challenging. What if us lazy non-athletes could take them on from our couches, no physical fitness required? Well thanks to Game Mill Entertainment, we can. Again from the press release: "Players can test their skills with friends and family in couch multi-player mode or take on the challenging career mode to train and compete all the way to Mt. Midoriyama" with American Ninja Warrior Challenge.

Let's be honest, the game in the trailer looks a little basic and I'm not sure how the gameplay is going to be much more than some quicktime events, yet as a kid I remember having crazy fun with what was basic gameplay quicktime events on the Nintendo Power Pad. And I like the idea of what the trailer states as "creating your own challenges" or to my mind a course creator that could be quite interesting. So focusing in on this being a bit of family fun as a group, I'm keeping an open mind.

American Ninja Warrior Challenge releases for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on March 19th.