Oculus exclusive Sniper Rust VR is out now for the Vive

by: Rob -
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Sniper Rust VR released last year on the Oculus Store and has finally been ported over officially for the HTC Vive. The game supports room-scale as well as seated or standing play and is available now at just $9.99. Available for purchase through Steam, Viveport, and of course the Oculus Store this release boasts of a "graphics overhaul" with improved lighting and shadows. There is also a free trial version with access to a shooting gallery and a taste of the campaign. However, I was having trouble finding it on Steam as the link in the search kept redirecting me to site for the paid option. I did find it on Viveport, maybe you might have better luck. And on that note the Steam page (as of this posting) was still showing Oculus only support so... shrug? I'm guessing that will be updated soon.

Full details quoted from the press release:

  • Cutting-Edge Weaponry: A plethora of lethal firearms are available, outfitted with special functions suited for specific occasions. Available weapons include real-world guns like the DSR-50 and SVD sniper rifle, as well as the MaC-7, which was inspired by the CheyTac M200, and the Scout Rifle-inspired DG-5000.
  • Death-Dealing Enemy Troops and Vehicular Combatants: Diverse enemy classes make every playable mission a challenge; payers must be wary of well-concealed snipers, air/group assaults, and hidden traps behind enemy lines.
  • Action-Packed Soundtrack: Intense orchestral sounds composed by John Leonard French are the perfect accompaniment for the game’s thrilling, edge-of-your-seat action sequences.
  • New Customizations and Achievements: Skilled players will be recognized for their excellence with 16 new achievements, which unlock a new skin for each weapon, three new gloves, and an alternate dog skin. 
  • New Gameplay Mechanics: The latest update adds additional realism to the game with the inclusion of gun recoil effects and the ability to take cover from enemy fire. 
  • Graphics Overhaul: Environments come to life thanks to improved lighting and shadows.