More details emerge about Civ VI's second expansion pack

by: Rob -
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Word from 2K and Firaxis Games today was that Mansa Musa will lead Mali in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. Gathering Storm is the second expansion Civilization VI, and will release on PC February 14th. So... who was Mansa Musa?

From the press release Mansa Musa was "arguably the richest man who has ever lived, the Mali are an adaptable civ suitable for any victory condition. With strong economic and faith-based perks, the Mali can easily make up for, and surpass, the limitations hindering most desert-based empires." Mansa Musa is equipped with the unique district of Suguba which replaces the Commercial Hub opening up Units, Buildings, and Districts at a reduced cost and awards bonus gold; the unique ability Songs of the Jeli for additional Faith and Food in city centers and additional gold output from mines; the unique unit of the Mandekalu Cavalry to replace knights and prevent traders from being plundered; and unique ability of the Sahel Merchants for even more gold along trade routes and an additional merchant. 

More details can be found on the 2K blog.