Steam controller friendly charts

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People have opinions about game controllers, and they are entitled to them. What works best for you might not be the same for me, because... reasons. I've used everything from the joystick and single button of the Atari 2600 through two buttons and control pad on the NES, to the Genesis introducing a third button all way through to thumb sticks, triggers, and touchpad. I prefer the Sony Dualshock controllers to all others. I never really liked the way the Xbox offset the thumbsticks, and preferred the smaller form factor. 

As a a Dualshock fan, I carry that over from consoles into may PC gaming. At first I was using emulation software to mmap the DS4 buttons to a PC controller, but eventually got the official Dualshock 4 USB Wireless Adapter which has worked like a charm. I'm pretty much useless with a mouse and keyboard and rather than take the time to git gud I prefer to just stick in may comfort zone and port over the Dualshock to the PC. Problem is, I'm often having to translate in may head on screen button prompts from Xbox's A/B/Y/X to PS' triangle/circle/x/square. That's not always the case, as sometimes there is native button support and other times games are the type that just don't have many on-screen prompts that requires that mental gymnastics.

Well now on the Steam Community there is a handy list to show which games best seem to support Dualshock controllers, as well as Xbox controllers, Steam controllers, and even Switch Pro controllers:

It's not so much a straight list of controller support, as it is data scraped from Steam to reveal the most popular games played with that controller, most unique games played with that controller over the others, and best local multiplayer games where multiple controllers connect to a single session. I guess is the crowd is all playing a given game with your favorite controller, chances are it's either a must play title or pretty user friendly with your weapon of choice.