Nyko GameCube controller adapters for the Nintendo Switch are now available

by: Russell -
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A while back we posted about some of Nyko's upcoming Nintendo Switch accessories, including two GameCube controller adapters. Well both of those adapters are now available for purchase. Their four-player adapter is pretty much the same as the GameCube controller adapter that Nintendo has already released for the Switch and the Wii U: it uses two USB wires to provide the necessary voltage to power up to four GameCube controllers. The other adapter though is for a single GameCube controller and simply plugs into the Switch using a single USB port. This is useful if you don't plan to play games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with other people or your friends prefer using another control method. Even though these adapters work the same as Nintendo's official four-player adapter and we know the Wii U four-player adapter works just fine on the Switch, I'm actually curious as to whether either of these two adapters by Nyko can work on the Wii U.

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