Below launches amid roaring fanfare deep in my heart of hearts

by: Randy -
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Below. I've waited years. Revealed at E3 2013, delayed indefinitely in 2016, and now launched in 2018. With little more than the imperative to explore, survive and discover, something about Below caught my attention in a way that I couldn't yet describe. Something about being so small in so much darkness. Something about moving with such deliberation towards that door that only went one direction. Something about Below wanted to do "stepping out into the dark" the way The Elder Scrolls or Fallout does "stepping out into the light." I just couldn't ignore the way the darkness took up so much of the TV screen's real estate, and how the black levels somehow became a part of the HUD. Shadows and a lack of light became the user interface.

I didn't know why, but I had to get in there. Now, with Below launching on PC and Xbox One today, I can finally head down into those dungeons where, surely, there be dragons. Even if those dragons are merely a fear of the dark.