Rockstar adding new items to the Warehouse for Red Dead Redemption 2

by: Dan -
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Rockstar recently announced plans to open the Rockstar Warehouse as a place to sell game related items either inspired by or found in their titles.  The first game to launch since then was Red Dead Redemption 2, and the warehouse was loaded with items from the Outlaw Essentials Collection to support the game.

Today some additional items were added, including a Domino Set ($49.99), Pendleton Blanket ($199.99), Dynamite USB Charger ($29.99 - DO NOT take on a PLANE), Leather Valet Tray ($49.99), Metal Bottle Opener ($24.99), Match Box Slipcase ($19.99) and three metal 3D puzzles ($7.99-$11.99).  Some cool collectibles with a handful at a decent price, so keep an eye out here or at the Warehouse as new items continue to be added.

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