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Season 7 of Fortnite to get Creative!

by: Dan -
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Fortnite is getting something new, with the announcement that Fortnite Creative will be the headliner for Season 7.  Starting on 12/7/18, Fortnite players will be able to "Design games and build your dream Fortnite with friends. Everything you make is saved."  Sounds pretty cool, but gets better.  You can do it on your own private island, where everything as mentioned is saved.

Those with Battle Pass will get the first crack at hosting on their private islands on Dec 7th, but they can invite friends to play.  Starting on Dec 13th, all players will have access to private islands for free.  The video above gives most of the details, but if you want to watch some community creators work their way through, then head to the official page for a list of English, Spanish and french streamers to watch and follow.

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