Planet Coaster turns two

by: Rob -
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With over 4 million toilets placed, Planet Coaster is celebrating its second birthday and looking forward to its trek into year 3. There's a video, below, to kick off the celebrations and an infographic, even further down, to wrap it all up in a bow. 

In addition, the Planet Coaster Deluxe Edition is available on Steam. This pack includes the base game and all five themed packs: Spooky, Adventure, Studios, Vintage and World’s Fair to top out the game with 110 rides and coasters, 2000+ scenery items and more. Base priced at near $100 there is a 52% savings going on now to bring the total down to under $50.

Michelle gave the theme park sim a 9 back when it released. So now seems a good a time as any to jump in and start managing your dream park.