Serial Cleaner gets more normal in free update

by: Nicholas -
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Serial Cleaner, the top-down hit in which players control a clean-up guy to help rid crime scenes of dead bodies, is about to get easier. In a news release today, developer iFun4all and publisher Curve Digital announced that a Steam update, coming November 29th, will revamp the Normal mode difficulty setting. 

Featuring "reduced detection rate, a slower run speed for police and a lesser noise pulse on movement", it sounds like it will be a bit more easygoing than the first time. 

Although I did not have too hard a time going about all this myself, there were occasions when the game would go kind of ridiculous in its attempt to be challenging, placing police and other opponent AI on rote patrols that require almost pinpoint accuracy to circumvent. If you prefer that style of gameplay, however, fear not, because Hardcore Mode will remain intact as is.

Check out the trailer to see the all new, more normal version of Serial Cleaner, to be updated on November 29th for Steam