The trailer for Battlefront II's Battle of Geonosis is here

by: Nicholas -
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Star Wars Battlefront II, the golden kid on the block who tragically slid downhill after their parent decided that money was more important than creative development, has new content out. This time, it's the Battle of Geonosis, and looking at it, I wanted to cry. 

Besides conjuring up memories of the original two games' take on the Episode II set piece from way back when, I am simply astounded at the level of detail presented in just this tiny slice. The dust, explosions, lasers, and chaos shown off in the trailer elicits some excitement, and hope that the devs who worked on it really had their moment to shine. 

There are also some other locales shown off in the trailer, like Hoth and Crait. Admittedly, I have no idea if those maps are already in the game or are on the way, because I still haven't bought the game. 

Here's hoping that the Battlefront series can only improve.