NVIDIA giving away Battlefield V with the purchase of an RTX card, Wolfenstein II gets adaptive

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Battlefield  V is the first game to take advantage of NVIDIA GeForce RTX cards' ray tracing feature.  You experience better reflections and lighting with it turned on and for a limited time, those picking up a GeForce GTX 2080 TiGeForce GTX 2080, or a GeForce GTX 2070 will get the game for free.  Currently, the Ti version is out of stock at NVIDIA's website, but you grab the other two.

If you already have the game, you can win yourself a GeForce GTX 20280 Ti by using the Ansel feature of GeForce Experience and posting a sweet, sweet picture to NVIDIA's photo sharing website or via social media. When posting to social media, make sure to tag it with both @NVIDIAGeforce and #SHOTWITHGEFORCE.

Owners of both an RTX card and Wolfenstein II will get to NVIDIA Adaptive Shading in an update that was released yesterday. Content Adaptive and Motion Adaptive shading's used and the two Up to 70% increase in speed is what NVIDIA's saying, but we won't know until we see a few articles come out detailing how much better it really is. Speeds achieved partly where scenes between frames are compared and areas where details remain the same, the shading rate is lowered.

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