Hitman 2 features promise players the World (of Hitman)

by: Nicholas -
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Hitman 2 is available now, but for those that might be either on the fence or have already purchased the game, the people behind it want to let you know what's in store for the newest iteration of the stealth-murder franchise. 

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The world of Hitman 2 is inhabited by ever-evolving content, also known as live updates, that encompass both the current version of whatever Hitman game the player owns, as well as prior entries, such as Hitman (2016) called Season One in the video above. 

The live updates are described as "free and frequent", and Season One owners automatically own the updated version of all that game's maps in Hitman 2. Players who do not own Season One can purchase it. Alongside the image showing where players can purchase the pack containing Season One, is another slide called the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass, though not much is said about that one. 

One new in-game feature includes a progression system as well as difficulty modes, along with a cool briefcase Agent 47 can carry (though that part only extends to season one owners). Elusive targets also make a return, with the highlight being famous dead guy Sean Bean, which you can read about in Nathan's article

Excitingly, the multiplayer in Hitman 2, called Ghost Mode, will see players competing against each other to assassinate the same target. The final narration elicits that all the updates will continue to engage Hitman fans for "years to come". 

Hitman 2 is available now.