NVIDIA has game ready drivers for Battlefield V out

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Battlefield V is coming out this week for some and you want to get the best performance out of it if you're on a PC and have a NVIDIA card. With that, NVIDIA has released 416.94 drivers that will give you just that. 

Now, the game won't have DXR ready on release as that feature will be enabled in a future patch by EA. Coincidentally, or maybe not, Microsoft has re-released their October Update that you'll need to support DXR. So with that and the drivers in place, we're just waiting on EA to finally see how well the RTX line of cards work and to see if it's really worth it.

The drivers are also ready for Fallout 76, which releases tomorrow.

For Hitman 2, the drivers add Ansel and Highlights support for those that love to take really good screenshots or want their best moments recorded without having to do it manually.

Grab the drivers with the GeForce Experience app right now.

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