Crackdown finally comes out on February 15, 2019

by: John -
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Crackdown 3 has had more than few delays, but we finally have a definitive date. Announced at X018, Crackdown 3 will hit the Xbox One and PC with Xbox Game Pass on February 15, 2019 as hinted back in June.

Crackdown has been a series I've both loved and despised. The first one was an amazing game with a ton of fun with friends. It was Saint's Row 4 before Saint's Row 4. 

The second game was just, just a horrible experience. I tried to like it, I really did. But it was just an utter mess of a sequel.

The third, well, the third I don't know. The multiple delays, creator leaving, it all doesn't bode well for the third game of the series. I hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling Crackdown 3 will be more akin to the second game in terms of being good.

Microsoft did announce a new mode called Wrecking Zone where two teams of five fight against each other in a fully destructible environment. Which, if it's anything like Red Faction: Guerrilla's level, could be a ton of fun. Who doesn't want to topple buildings down on their enemies?

Another nice note is that the game will be cross-play enabled so those on the Xbox One can join or fight against those on the PC. Also now until November 30th, you can get the original one that started it all for free on Xbox One. 

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