Microsoft picks up Obsidian and inXile

by: John -
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While rumors have been around for a month, today it finally became official. Microsoft is acquiring Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment. That's double the entertainment!

Obsidian Entertainment is famous for the South Park line of games and being the developer of one of my favorite games, Fallout New Vegas. They've recently been in the Pillars of Eternity area with two games crowdfunded and successfully launched. Though they've had their ups and downs, Obsidian's been a pretty damn good studio for a while now.

inXile Entertainment is responsible for Wasteland 2 and Bard's Tale IV as two of their successful crowd funded games. There's still Wasteland 3 to come, but they'll soon be in Microsoft's stable with 12 other studios.

These two studios gives Microsoft two strong RPG developers now. Both have the ability to add some real quality titles to the Xbox One. They also give Microsoft some good diversity, which is a big plus.

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