Is this a leak of a Valve VR headset?

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Amidst all the depressing gaming news lately, it's great to get excited over something these days. And this has gotten me very excited.

I was just about to buy a Samsung Odyssey+ when I was browsing the Vive subreddit to find this post by reddit user 2flock. Looks like a bunch of unfinished VR headsets with dual cameras on the front similar to Windows Mixed Reality headsets or the Vive Pro when suddenly, I see this image.

Yeah, see that Valve logo on the PCB? That's pretty damn new.

Is Valve making a VR headset? They aren't strangers to hardware production since they've put out a few things so far such as the Steam Controller and the Steam Link Box. If it is though, color me very intrigued and excited.

The overhead photo shows there are detectors for lighthouses so they aren't going away from that. Although it would be really cool if this one allow for both lighthouse setup and inside out tracking using the dual cameras on the front. The position of the two front cameras do mimic Windows Mixed Reality headsets, which if you have never tried one, they are pretty damn good. For my sim setup, it's great to just plug it in and sit down without having to worry about any external lighthouse or camera setups. 

There's built in headphones, which I hope are removable. Some folks like to use their own set of cans, which is understandable. At least they fold up and out of the way, unlike the Samsung Odyssey design.

The headstrap design looks similar to the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, which means we have a rigid piece that goes around your head with an adjustable strap on top. There looks to be a dial on the back so you can easily loosen or tighten the setup.

It doesn't look like there's any connectors on the top like on the Vive, so the wires looks like it comes out the right side somewhere.

A nice big opening on the front with a USB connector looks like it could house some type of Motion Leap device.

The padding on the back is similar to the design and style of the Valve Knuckles controllers so that also falls in line in thinking this is coming from Valve besides that big logo.

Look at the size of those lenses though. They are way bigger than what comes in current VR headsets today so would that mean a bigger field of vision?

These images did make me wait on purchasing another headset though so if Valve's got this coming out, I hope we hear some information pretty soon. 

You know there was a big Oculus figure that just left the company not too long ago. I bet he'd be a good person to help promote this product if it indeed is a Valve made VR headset for the masses.

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