Satisfactory gameplay looks very above average

by: Randy -
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Here's one I've been keeping an eye on: Satisfactory. It's a conveyor belt and manufacturing simulator for...people that also like lovely alien environments. That's me, I guess? Here's some legit gameplay from one of the devs at Coffee Stain. He punches in a few cheats here and there (unlimited fuel, for example) for the sake of showing off as much gameplay as possible without them having to run around collecting resources the entire time. But what's most impressive to me is seeing just how snappy and well-formed the build system is in this game.

They're 3D printing large manufacturing buildings. They're running one-, two-, and three-story conveyor belts up, over, and around these buildings. They're mining ore, turning it into iron, turning them into plates and screws, turning those into more and more resources for building more and more things. The video goes through some recipes, buildings, and distributing power. It's cool and efficient. For folks that like to put one resource into a machine and see it come out as a different resource on the other end, Satisfactory could be your jam.

Satisfactory is still heavy into its playable alpha phase, and Coffee Stain is sending out hundreds of keys each week to alpha testers willing to sign up for Project Assembly, complete a quick survey about their PC system specs, and wait patiently for a key to arrive in the mail.

Satisfactory will be on PC (you can see the page on Steam now) and is currently looking at a "Coming Soon" release date.