50 shades of GRIS launches in December

by: Randy -
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The watercolor dreamscapes of GRIS will be on PC and Nintendo Switch on December 13. Inhabiting a land of flowing geometric shapes, you're a woman on a journey to identify and confront her pain and fears, brought to life by Barcelona-based Nomada Studio. I love the art. I'm okay with the no-death-and-dying gameplay, though, from a gameplay sense, that tends to be something of a disconnect for a game character facing past abuse and daily anxieties. 

Regardless, I can't get over the sharply drawn, thin-lined artwork, the blacker-than-black bad guys, the ink-in-water dust storms, the lights sparkling through the darkness, the sunbeams through the shadows, the brightly drawn crystals, and the heavy weight of her fears.

Again, GRIS (which is Spanish for "gray") is about a month away, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch on December 13.