More info on the new Pokemon Meltan has been revealed

by: Russell -
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In the third and final video in the three-part series "The Two Professors", Professor Willow is chatting with Professor Oak, talking about all of the Meltan he has caught so far and his findings on their behavior, such as interacting with other metal objects such as Willow's research equipment. All of a sudden, the Meltan begin to change and we are introduced to Melmetal, the evolved form of Meltan. Apparently the Meltan evolved when enough of them absorbed into each other, a far more logical evolution method than a Shellder clamping onto a Slowpoke's tail to evolve them. Anyway, nothing more official has been given about Meltan as far as Pokemon GO or the Let's Go games, but the current speculation is that Meltan will be part of some Special Research tasks and that it could possibly take 400 candies to evolve.