Rockstar announces companion Android and iOS app for Red Dead Redemption 2

by: Dan -
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With the build up to this Friday's release of Red Dead Redemption 2, the news has been coming out at a feverish pitch the last couple of weeks.  Last night, Rockstar added one more item to look forward to, a companion App for the game on both iOS and Android.  The cool thing about this app, unlike others that support console games. is that it connects directly with your PS4 or Xbox One as you play, so everything is real-time updated in both the game and the app.  Be warned though, this will most likely ask you to log into your Xbox Live or PlayStation Network service within the App to connect, so keep that in mind.

The app will be available this Friday (10/26) in the respective mobile stores and will allow some cool features to be done outside of the game itself such as:

  • Interactive Map Features
    • Pan and Zoom Maps
    • Set Waypoints
    • Mark areas of interest by tapping screen
  • View Arthur Morgan's journal with new entries and illustrations
  • Display Arthur Morgan's info and stats in real time
    • Allows for removal of in-game HUD if desired
  • View digital game manual

If this takes off, expect to see a rash of copycat apps for AAA title in the future that do the same functionality. I personally love this move, as it opens up a while new way to experience the game, with essentially a digital journal at your side while you are venturing in cyberspace.

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