Rockstar showing off "Family Portraits" for Red Dead Redemption 2

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You have to love the Rockstar marketing team, as they have been going all in with their viral marketing for Red Dead Redemption 2 ahead of the launch this Friday.  The latest is a series of tweets that is giving us what can only be called "Family Portraits" of the groups of NPCs within the game.  Below is a running list of the Portraits, along with a brief description of each one:

Dutch and Hosea. The originals.

Dutch and Hosea met in their early twenties, two talented young con men with similar ‘gentleman thief’ aspirations and subversive ideals. They ran as two-man team for a few years until they started to pick up waifs and strays along the way.


Abigail, Jack and John. An unconventional family.

John has been with the gang ever since Dutch saved his life when he was just twelve years old. Abigail joined up with Dutch five or six years ago - and for young Jack, the gang is all he has ever known.


Some rivals. The Van der Linde gang aren’t the only outlaws in the West... One such band of desperados and mercenaries are the Del Lobos - known for their vicious robberies and revenge killings...


...while the O’Driscolls, long-standing rivals of Dutch’s gang, are a big crew that cover a lot of ground, attracting a seemingly endless supply of young guns ready to risk it all.


The Van der Linde Gang. Outlaws for life.

A gang of criminals, dissidents and free-thinkers who have chosen to reject a corrupt system of power and live instead by their own code. As the price on their heads continues to grow, so does the struggle to remain free.

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