Rockstar releases details for Red Dead Redemption 2 launch day

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One of the biggest game launches is schedule for this week (Friday 10/26/18) and with that, Rockstar is providing a laundry list of items to keep in mind when you go to fire up Red Dead Redemption 2.  Below is a quick synopsis of what Rockstar wants to communicate out to everyone, but you can get the full details from the official release.


The first reminder is that due to a massive launch day update, there will be a sizable download necessary for those that get the physical disc copy of the game.  You can learn how to enable auto updates for the PS4 here, and for the Xbox One here, which will update the game immediately before first launch so that all known issues can be addressed.  If you pre-ordered teh game via digital distribution form the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store, then you can now pre-install the game for both consoles, and it will include the day one update.  Keep in mind, you will need about 100 GB on the Xbox and 150 GB on the PS4 of free space to load the game initially. 

The next reminder is to encourage feedback and reporting of issues.  With an AA titles, and especially one so complex as red Dead redemption, there are bound to be bugs and issues that pop up that were unknown at the time of shipping.  Rockstar wants you  to know that you can search and submit issues on their support page for the game.

As with any major title, there is a release/embargo date when the game goes live and you are officially allowed to play or stream it. While there does not appear to be any threats involved if someone gets the game early, Rockstar is reminding everyone that streaming/gameplay officially begins globally at the following times:

  • Australia / New Zealand: 12:01am Friday October 26
  • Eastern Time: 7:01am Thursday October 25
  • Pacific Time: 4:01am Thursday October 25
  • British Time: 12:01pm Thursday October 25

And last, but not least, the Red Dead Online BETA is coming in November.  It will likely mirror the framework and success that GTA Online has achieved, so be ready to jump in and help make the experience better.  Red Dead Online BETA is free to anyone with a copy of the game and Rockstar is encouraging those that assist to work to help smooth out any issues that come up.

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