So, what are you playing?

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Microsoft is joining the stutter-stop not-terribly-successful-in-the-US-yet streaming revolution. After a lackluster hockey season, the Vancouver Canuck's had to self-impose a ban on Fortnite while on the road. And if you want to start taking better in-game screenshots, here are tips from a professional photographer.

So, what are you playing?

Dave Gamble
The week hasn't turned out as planned. A couple of big projects have kept me from any extended periods of gaming, but I am fitting in sessions with Deliver us the Moon: Fortuna in preparation for a review whenever possible. Fortuna is a space-based room-escape type of game that relies heavily on moving stuff around and figuring out how to repair stuff on the empty space station. I feel like I've been here before....

Eric Hauter
For my review of the fourth episode of The Council, I played through the first three episodes of The Council this week. Normally I don't enjoy playing episodic games back to back, but The Council is something special. As soon as one episode ended, I immediately booted up the next. I finally finished the fourth episode earlier today, and am now forced to come to terms with the fact that, like the rest of the world, I will have to wait to see how things wrap up.

I'm also planning on playing Joggernauts on Switch with my son this weekend. Since it is primarily a multiplayer party game, I didn't want to dig in by myself. I also took a stab at Pig Eat Ball this week on PC, and absolutely loved it. I posted a video of my first playthrough, and it is clear that I'm going to be going back for more someday soon.

And in the evenings, I'm swearing at Sparkle 2 on my PS Vita. It was one of the free games in September, and I am loving it for its addictive simplicity. A great way to get myself all worked up before going to sleep.

Charles Husemann
I had hoped to wrap up Rise of the Tomb Raider last weekend but I wasn't as close as I thought I was, so that's my primary focus for the weekend. It's a great video game but the gaming portions occasionally get in the way of the story telling.

I'm also going to be picking up Black Ops 4 this weekend. While I'm one of the few people who will miss the single-player campaign I'm really looking forward to checking out all of the new multiplayer modes.

Randy Kalista
It's not out until next month, but Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is a simple~ish but confident turn-based strategy. I know, I know, I stopped reading at "Warhammer 40,000," too. But Mechanicus is making me rethink my Ignore All 10 or 12 Warhammer Games Released Every Dang Year rule of thumb. Despite the whorish promiscuity of the license, though, I'm liking what I'm seeing here. Living art, deep lore, and confident gameplay mechanics. Also, the soundtrack is perfect for the group of robo-goths you get to play: It sounds like Nine Inch Nails grinding over Kraftwerk.

And American Truck Simulator–Oregon. I don't know what to tell you. But being an Oregon native, and traveling from the I-5 corridor, along the Columbia River Gorge, down the high deserts of Eastern Oregon, or up the picture-perfect coastline, long-hauling through my old stomping grounds? Man. I'm about to go buy one of those "Heart in Oregon" stickers for my car's back windshield. I've always had trucker blood in my veins, thanks to my grandpappy. And now, due to the nightmares of trying to maneuver an 18-wheeler up a few old dusty logging roads, I now have an even greater respect for the profession. Also, I can say, "I just got my Peterbilt," with a perfectly straight face.

Dan Keener
I am still digging deeper into The Bard's Tale IV, as well as enjoying the heck out of Forza Horizon 4. However, I will need to head back to the Xbox One and to my mobile devices, as I received a couple of new pieces of hardware in the house that I will be starting the reviews of and can expect to be published in the next few weeks.

Rob Larkin
Finally have a free weekend and it looks like I’ll be jumping in to my first real attempt at Destiny 2 Forsaken’s Last Wish raid. I will also be spinning up the Vive for an upcoming Zero Killed review. Also was thinking last night I need to play some more God of War. I’m in the final push for the platinum trophy but Destiny 2 has taken so much of my time I can’t let my GoW skills diminish too much with that final Valkyrie still waiting.

Nicholas Leon
If my WiFi will permit it downloading its third update in as many days, I’ll hopefully be playing some more of Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It’s got me excited mostly because KOTOR II writer Chris Avellone is attached to it, but I’m still having to wait to see how nuanced the game will proved to be. Mostly because of its updates and my WiFi connectivity.

John Yan
I've got a new monitor and I'm picking up a three monitor arm, so I'm looking to do some American Truck Simulator with surround view. Why would I want to do that if I already have a few VR headsets to play it with? Well, you can't do the multiplayer mod with the VR setup, and I want to try playing with other truckers on the road.

I'll also be going back into the Fallout 4 VR as having the wireless setup really allows for some great freedom of movement. I might try out Skyrim VR as well.

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